Sun setting over the mighty Rufiji river

Olmesera is a marketing representation company with offices in Mauritius that specializes in sales and marketing of African and Indian ocean tourism related companies to the international travel trade. Olmesera is a growing brand in African tourism scene as a professional destination management and product expert. Our passion for Africa stretches far beyond the norm, having in-depth knowledge of living and working in the region and in holding the marketing portfolios for product companies, inbound tour operators and destination management companies.

Destination Knowledge

Our destination knowledge is always fresh - our day-to-day activities mean constant communication with Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands, and what we may not know, then we will certainly find the specialist who will, as we have close ties with some of Africa's top guides, outdoors people and photographers.

Our Services

We are multi-faceted in our approach to representation, covering a whole gamut of services from sales to market awareness, brand clarity, sales promotion, trade show representation, graphic designContact  and multimedia relations. Why not approach us, to hear more about our services?!

Never been on safari?

We can offer you some of life's great experiences! Camp under the stars in the midst of the great migration, partake in a horse riding Safari on the African plains, or interact with formidable African Elephents in the wilds of the Okavango Delta; Africa offers you an immerssion in nature and unparralelled experiences.

Write us , we would love to design a safari for you with one of our partners.